Week 1 Running Back Rankings

1 – Chris Johnson – Will be facing a better than your average Oakland Raiders defense but Johnson’s speed and versatility make him our top choice.

2 – Adrian Peterson – Peterson vows to take care of the football in 2010 and he gets to start the season against the team who ended his in 2009, one game shy of the Super Bowl.  By the way, Peterson had three fumbles that game.  He’s thinking payback on National TV to start the 2010 season.

3 – Ray Rice –  I am very high on Ray Rice this year for not only PPR leagues but for TD and yardage leagues as he’ll get plenty of touches in that Baltimore offense.  Yes, they added weapons in Anquan Boldin, TJ Houshmanzadeh, Donte Stallworth and a couple young tight ends but Flacco is young and not established in the league, I think they will be somewhat conservative, especially early in the year and pound Ray Rice at the defense.

4 – Maurice Jones-Drew – The number three running backs in most leagues, he falls to fouth in my rankings mostly in part to the lack of supporting cast in Jacksonville.  Defenses will stack the box to try to stop MJD.  Will they be successful? Who knows, MJD is good enough to still beat 8 in the box.

5 – Steven Jackson – Jackson is the lone playmaker on this Rams offense.  Teams will undoubtedly gameplan to stop Jackson.  This week, he’ll face a Cardinals defense who has been depleated by free agency in 2009 losing both Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby.

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